Outlanding, the adventures of gliding

Gliding is the sport where the position of the take-off are often well know. However is the location of the landing not allways where it was expected, nor the place where we wanted it to be. To land where is was not planed is called and outlanding, it can be on a remote airfield but it is also common that we have to visit the field of the local farmer. 

An outlanding is always an adventure, somtimes is it the the flight prior the outlandning, the outlanding itself. It is also common that the retrive and the contact with the local people (somtimes the absence of people) that makes the outlaning a great story.

Not every outlaning are remebered and as years passes by do we forget some of them. This is my attemp to write down my memories from the adventures that I have experienced during my outlandings.

The storys of an outlanding is as a good wine, it tends to be better after a few years, they also tends to be better when they have been told several times.

Best Regards

/Per Carlin



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